I thought for a minute it was the TARDIS in the background and then I was sad when it wasn't.

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I love this

So Sherlock Holmes calls his bed Benedict's Slumberpatch? The Sherlock fandom keeps getting more insane.

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Seriously can't wait They're right about no 1 torturers even though i have to say their genius writing makes up for it Sherlock season 4 << Dude, but Moriarty is back.


Benedict Cumberbatch — PICS

Benedict Cumberbatch Gets His Mr. Darcy On for Charity Sexy AND Charitable. Please make another Pride and Prejudice so Ben can be Darcy!

They need to stop just putting the same picture twice so many times

Funny pictures about Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes. Oh, and cool pics about Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch Reenacts Otter Memes photos.

Benedict is me when i meet people who haven't seen Sherlock

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Sherlock behind the scenes<--- Benedict, can you stop being adorable?! <-- You're right he's soo adorable!

'Sherlock's Coming Back, Let's Celebrate

John: "I asked you to stop being dead." Sherlock: "I heard you."  | Sherlock Holmes, BBC quotes

13 Things You Need to Know About the New Sherlock Season John: I asked you to stop being dead. Sherlock: I heard you.

Sherlock Special: Official extended trailer - BBC One - YouTube (the best thing of this year)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. But now, our heroes find themselves in London. This Sherlock special premieres Friday, January 2016 at on MASTERPIECE on PBS.