Watson's baby's first word...murder.    :)

Sherlock's face makes this awesome << When does his face NOT make something awesome? <--Just because I want to keep the awesome comments. And I feel the baby should say "Sherlock" instead of "murder", or maybe "cases".

Me too... Sherlock funny :););)

That happened last night! Every night I turn my lights off then remember I need to charge my phone. So, I get up and try to plug it in.but it'll just look like I'm an alcoholic.

Only pin if you get it, but don't spoil it for others.

Only certain people will get it. also real similar from Sherlock Holmes game of shadows: "Come at once if convenient." they're real close o.

I try to repin this every once in awhile because scrolling to the bottom of this board is pretty much impossible! #sherlock

Comment here with your favorite BBC Sherlock quote!<<"I don't like not knowing" which is also a doctor who quote so yea its pretty much my life motto^-^

The Sherlock fandom is taking over the internet. Along with the supernatural fandom and the doctor who fandom

So the fandom is actually so smart we can't function in a normal society? So many things explained.// I normally hate math but this just made me really happy. <---- We're awesome.


In which a Mac owner and a customer service rep bond over BBC Sherlock.just about the funniest thing I've heard all day<--Which goes to show you that Sherlock brings people together CD

I give you Benedict Cumberbatch, the man of a thousand faces...and Martin Freeman, who uses just one to say EVERYTHING.

Watson rethinks his career choice…

Funny pictures about Watson rethinks his career choice. Oh, and cool pics about Watson rethinks his career choice. Also, Watson rethinks his career choice.

Hands down the absolute BEST modern representation of that relationship I have ever come across. Canon through and through.

There is a mute button and I will use it. Sassy John in A Scandal in Belgravia.

Oh my gods, it was so meaningful and amazing, and then you read the last one. Hahahahahahaha!!! So true!!

(Except where's "Percy taught me anybody can be a hero" and "Annabeth taught me that even strength had to bow to wisdom sometimes" and "Grover taught me that cheese enchiladas are superior to meat ones?

Who - iFunny :)

Dude, you have to see this

I read it as "Imagine what a sherlock it" I tried to read again but kept reading it as sherlock instead of shock and so i was like **** it im going to keep reading then i realised this is a sherlock post wow what a coincidence<<< haha me too

Ohhh crap. I can feel myself getting addicted to this show...

Some random guy came up to me once and said he need a hot girlfriend to win a bet, then asked me out. When I told my dad this story two years later, he said the exact same thing Sherlock said here <---- Whelp, your dad's secretly Sherlock