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Rottenecards Funny Images, Videos and memes Balls just called. They want to know if you'd like a pair.

Barbara Krafft - Mozart / Painting by B.Krafft / 1819 - , individual art card order at discounted prices!

trouble, sharp,quarter (It is actually a quarter NOTE but who cares) and repeat. Now fill in the blanks. < technically it's treble not trouble but who caresss

Prepare to die.

Thou shalt not touch my french horn without signing thine permission slip. Whosoever proceeds without permission shall be executed.

Band Memes - 036

Read 036 from the story Band Memes by FunDipSniffer (*Insert name here*) with 318 reads.

Nurse humor. All the time haha

All the time. I can usually tell as soon as we start the new hire paperwork how they will be as an employee.

16 Signs You Might Be A Forever Band Kid

Voted biggest band nerd and likely to be a band director compassionate Band Seasons