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The typical feeling when the weather is bad and you only starting out of the bus' window like in video clips.and you feel so yourself lonely and happy in the same time

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watching life flash past on a train journey .this could be me in european trains :)


It was strange seeing the girl so completely relaxed. Every wind blew her dark hair across her face, but she let it. She actually let things go without her control. Very peculiar.

the blades of grass made criss-cross patterns across her face. it made her look like a broken china doll.

Natural light- daylight photography involving shadow to add more depth and subject matter to a portrait without directly adding an object into the photo.

The heart is hard to translate. It has a language of its own. It talks in tongue and quiet sighs.

MAKARIA (Macaria) was the goddess of blessed death - a kind & caring goddess. She was a merciful, compassionate & gentle counterpart of the death-god Thanatos & connected with the passage of souls to the Islands of the Blessed.

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smoking is like a gateway to happier places. when i smoke i get so excited yet relaxed. idc if it's bad, im gonna die anyways smoking