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The typical feeling when the weather is bad and you only starting out of the bus' window like in video clips.and you feel so yourself lonely and happy in the same time

Georgia Thelogou cria retratos vívidos e noturnos, com tons flúor e demonstra seu talento ao criar sutilmente uma atmosfera onírica e ao mesmo tempo cósmica, quase psicodélica. Veja mais!

Retratos fluorescentes de Georgia Theologou

Gorgeous boy post beat down. How much longer, the acceptance of "gay bashing?" I lost my front teeth in a gay beat down.

Christina Hamoui Especial

Christina Hamoui Especial

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Lluvia, lluvia

//she felt the rain upon her face and no one could tell she was crying// photography idea

Fazer do teu sorriso um abrigo.: Fotografia

vogue: “ Make the Most Out of Daylight Savings Time: The Best Overnight Skincare Treatments Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, October 2005 See the slideshow ”