Soul playing the piano, making hjs own music - Soul Eater ~ DarksideAnime

Aw, almost like Spirited Away! <3 Soul x Maka

Soul and Maka so cute! This looks like the seen from spirited away with chihiro and haku. props to the artist! ^ Crona x Maka ship is still canon, bub!

Please don't mind that girl sobbing in the corner, she just had heart heart ripped out. So she is in the emo corner.

SOUL EATER x DRRR ED by kalter-Reis on deviantART

Soul Eater Ladder Art 1 I So Love Soul Eater. Or Soul eater Not that be Awesome!

SoMa Week, day 4- Loyalty by on @deviantART

SoMa Week, day Loyalty by KeysaMoguri on DeviantArt Omfg all the "soul-senpai!

i think Krona is a boy because he was all she a girl i dont know how to talk to girls idk just my theory

The top one is Crona's sex so it's what he biologically is. Gender is what YOU process as. Crona has never clarified for us so yes it is unknown. Either way Crona is still my favorite. Right above Kid.