Jarek Kubicki

Work of Art (Kindle Locations "Speedpainting" - Jarek Kubicki


Charleston, SC - Simply THE best southern city! A Romantic, Historic, Beachy, Foodie Heaven!

You're pretty, bitch

photography text beautiful sky vintage indie Grunge night space galaxy stars night sky sparkles Magic world universe old school bright star zodiac shine shimmer Cosmos Astronomy map lines Celestial big dipper classy shit


bohemian silhouette I know someday you'll have a beautiful life. I know you'll be the sun.in someone else's sky

Fallen Angel

It reminds me angel's shadow would be black too. Their skin color won't change the color of shadow.


Art Painting by Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen includes Run Away, this example of Contemporary Art has inspired this exceptionally talented artist. View other Paintings by Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen in our Online Art Gallery.

As Above, So Below

mylittlegardenofshadows: “ - my makeup and my photo, so not remove caption - ”<><><><><><><> Introducing Zephyra Fawn, Tribal Queen Zephyra-Strong wind Fawn-Young deer