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Twin Cats With Heterochromatic Eyes & More Incredible Links

Meet Iriss and Abyss – the most beautiful twin cats in the world! These inseparable cats both have heterochromatic eyes. Having heterochromatic eyes means that

Blue-eyed, white cats are not more prone to blindness - either hereditary or acquired - than other cats. However, hereditary deafness is a major concern in white cats, and even more so if one or both irises are blue in color.

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Conheça Thor, O Gato-De-Bengala Com O Pêlo Perfeitamente Maravilhoso

A Belgian Bengal Cat Whose Deep Green Eyes and Unique Markings Make Him a Very Handsome Boy and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

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Conheça Os Gatos Gêmeos Mais Bonitos Do Mundo

From "Hieeee! We love to get new acquaintances! Let's be FURiends!


Meet Iriss and Abyss, the twin feline phenoms taking the Internet by storm. Not only are their pristine white coats adorably fuzzy, they both… Beautiful Cats!

Tout comme le yin et le yang, ces chats sont entièrement opposés, mais ils se complètent parfaitement sur chacun des clichés.

PSA: Today, June is National Hug Your Cat Day! Depending on your cat, you could actually be in grave danger today. So hug your cat wisely!

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A collection of cute, cuddly, strange and funny cats from around the web, they are all cute and they are all Wuvely!

Você ouviu falar? Há uma nova bela adormecida na área! Conheça Aurora, a gata princesa mais bela e fofa.

Conheça Aurora, A Gata Princesa Fofa

Meet Aurora, The Fluffy Cat Princess Photos) - Tons of Kitty Cats

Kitty tutu pole. Lol

* * KITTEH: " Sometimes, de things dat seem mosts obvious, aren'ts.