Much like creamy delicate sweetness of this buttermilk panna cotta, give the same to your dishes with the light honey notes from the Chablis white wine fresh from the pump.

Beaux et gourmands : 17 desserts blancs - Elle à Table

Cafe society dessert: Buttermilk panna cotta All White can be very effective.

Paris hotel ballon boutique

Have a color party with all white decorations. Then decorate balloons with markers, decorate white frosted cookies or cupcakes, paint a teacup or fugurine to take home, etc.Could do the same with black & white.

It looks strangely interesting. Milk Pudding with Turkish Cotton Candy

Milk pudding with labne, apricot and Turkish fairy floss! Persian fairy floss available at Middle Eastern Food Stores.

toasted Panna Cotta

ligh, airy, creamy egg-white vanilla bean panna cotta with a toasted, homemade marshmallow fluff top (requires thermometer)

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Keep seeing this pinned as as "earl grey" ice cream - its not. It's actually black sesame ice cream, yummy!