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I got Dylan my boyfriend/ future husband (I have brown/ red hair) wrote a cute poem for me because he has a crush on me:)

I got Dylan my boyfriend hugged me because I was hot :) (How To Get Him To Propose Boyfriends)

I would be worse then that. I would fall to the ground crying while also laughing. Then he would have an excuse to ask me I was okay and hug me. Genius plan right?

Female Struggles on

GOD I WOULD BE CRYING But like how do people find celebrities in a store when I can't even find my own mom?

Bars*heart eyes*

♖Imágenes Sterek♔ Y Uno que otro ship♡ - 34

#NewtImagines #Newt #TMR #TheMazeRunnerImagines #TMRImagines #Imagine

#NewtImagines #Newt #TMR #TheMazeRunnerImagines #TMRImagines #Imagine

<b>The <i>Teen Wolf</i> actor is definitely in the running for the most lovable goon in Hollywood.</b>

16 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams

Basically. Imo, it really all depends on how the pic looks, I mean, in some, he does look 25. U just need 2 really look at the pic to see his actual age.

Funny pictures about That Baby Face. Oh, and cool pics about That Baby Face. Also, That Baby Face photos.

Dylan O'Brien...so cute and funny.

Even though he is almost five and a half years younger then me, he is my perfect nerd crush! <<well he’s about 6 years older than me so