At the beach c.1920s

A bathing beauty from the Roaring Twenties whose face, hairstyle, body language, and unconstructed bathing suit combine to project a remarkably contemporary look and feel


Picture Radio c. 1922 The radio was one of the many inventions made during the During 39 radio stations began across Canada. Many families spent time together listening to the radio and it was a common form of entertainment at the time.

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i love this!! something  fun to do with my sisters or girlfriends!

Inspired by vintage: Retro swimwear style - myLusciousLife

Balloon senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture ideas for girls with balloons.

Two ladies at the beach in the late 1920s/early 1930s

41 Photos of Retro Cool

Love the high-waisted sailor pants! Photo from the Shutterstock Everett Collection high waisted sailor pants at the beach photo print ad models girls overalls

18 Photos Of Victorians Smiling. Not all of these pics are "Victorian", but still, the purpose comes across. I think because we are distanced from the people of the past we stop thinking of them as people. They felt all the emotions we do today.

18 Photos Of Victorians Smiling

Too often we think of people in the Victorian era as being bored or even morose. These photos humanize an era by capturing those elusive smiling Victorian faces. They look like they're having the time of their lives!

That swimsuit on the right is so skimpy! What cute flappers

bathing beauties// Q: Why did the faces of women change so much since then? Ever notice that? More integration between various races/nationalities as time went by? I notice this more in the caucasian photos.

Silent film star of the 1920s, Bessie Love.

Amazing photo of silent film star Bessie Love (September 1898 – April looking like it could have been taken 30 or 40 years later than it was.


Marion Davies - 1926 - from 'Beverly of Graustark' - Photo by Ruth Harriet Louise - Marion Davies (January 1897 – September was an American film actress, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist.

Alice Terry

Antique/Vintage Photo Reprint Of Woman in Beautiful Gown

Silent film actress Alice Terry looking like a softly beautiful painting come to life in this serenely captivating image from 1920

1920s glamour? I always think people in the 20's partied on boats constantly...they were probably recovering from WW1 in reality :S  Mary Nolan, 1920s

Mary Nolan (December was an American film actress. She began her career as a Ziegfeld girl in the performing under the stage name Imogene "Bubbles" Wilson. She was fired from the Ziegfeld Follies in

Fun on Miami Beach, Florida, 1942

Fun with friends on Miami Beach, 1942 found photo beach bathing suits swimsuits , FL USA

Future Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck, three-quarter length portrait, seated, turned to the left, holding fan. Photograph by Alfred Cheney Johnston "between 1920 and 1930", but more likely between 1922 (when Stanwyck, aged 15 and still named Ruby Stevens, became a Ziegfeld Girl), and 1926 (when she moved on to greater things).

Barbara Stanwyck, Ziegfeld girl, by Alfred Cheney Johnston, ca. 1924 Barbara Stanwyck as a Ziegfeld girl (c.