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Disney Bear Duffy Onigiri Rice Cake (Soy Sauce Rice and White Rice, Sliced Quail Egg, Nori Seaweed)

キャラ弁にも ご飯でダッフィー

Disney Bear Duffy Onigiri Rice Cake for Bento (Soy Sauce Rice and White Rice, Sliced Soy Quail Egg, Nori)

three mozzarella ball bears with almond ears, cheese muzzles, nori noses and eyes, and ketchup cheeks, some steamed broccolini, a steamed carrot flower, a pretty mini-pepper and  tomato.

Baby Mozzarella Bear Bento by gamene Mozzarella. Check out sure-way-to-lose-. for more healthy recipe beauty tips and weight loss advice

Pink Hello kitty lunch box ideas, happy meal of rice, rolled eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber, and pork

Melissa would love to open her lunch box and see Hello Kitty Onigiri!


Love the little snowflake tucked into this adorable polar bear bento lunch.

Baby Pooh and Tigger bento

Baby Pooh and Tigger bento

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日本人のごはん/お弁当 Japanese meals/Lunch. 豆しばごはん。

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I have no idea what all they used toake that puppy, but it is just so adorable! Especially with the added touch of the hot dog on-the-bone meat they have in front of this cutie.

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Solar System Lollipops