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Fancy - Interactive MultiTouch Table by Mozayo

The Mozayo multi touch interactive table was designed with both technology and aesthetics in mind. A collaboration with MSTRF Design Studio, and utilizing sacred geometry and the Fibonacci principle, the Mozayo was infused with an ultra modern, yet classi

why dont we just send like a million of these over to africa or something

Funny pictures about The Life Straw. Oh, and cool pics about The Life Straw. Also, The Life Straw photos.

engineeringisawesome:  Some more information on the 3D-Printed...

Printed Cast Lets You Scratch And Wash. If you've ever had a broken bone you'll know. I hear things.

Suddenly I feel very old #ITHQ #itheadquarters www.itheadquarters.com

25 years difference between computers and 40 years difference between cell phones.

10 ways to boost your creativity with new tech | Graphic design | Creative Bloq- Local Projects used interactive tables to enable visitors to explore the Cooper Hewitt museum’s collection

10 ways to boost your creativity with new tech

Car recycle idea, car used as swing, recycled swing, diy swing

Another Redneck Innovation. The car swing. I kinda like it <<< Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! So cool. Btw it's not redneck. That's something a car guy would make for his kids. I know because my dads a car guy. Just sayin

Is the futuristi...

Elevated Bus that allows cars running underneath

This Car-Swallowing Contraption Is Actually a Futuristic City Bus. It can hold up to 1000 passengers, eliminates traffic by driving over/"swallowing" cars, and is more budget friendly.

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg. Awesome!!!

Artificial Limbs That Look 100% Badass — And These Are Just The Beginning

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics. This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a printing guru get together to make artificial limbs. Awesome that a industrial designer can help in the medical world 👍

amazing bicycle design: 1. slick. 2. foldable. 3. no chain!

Funny pictures about The coolest folding bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about The coolest folding bicycle. Also, The coolest folding bicycle photos.

This is the "Ink Calendar" by Oscar Diaz. It uses ink that slowly spreads, and fills each number according to the appropriate day.

Ink calendar: Colors the days as the time passes

So neat: Ink Calendar designed Oscar Diaz .The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by. This is awesome!

Ideum_interactive_Dynamic Desktop_1

Ideum's Dynamic Desktop Comprises Projected Capacitive Touch Tables [Futuristic Computers: Share and Enjoy!

Learn about your wine on our interactive touchable menu!

They have a wide range of new age devices like the touch screen floor projections, multi-touch coffee tables, interactive bar services, and many other products that are based on touch screen technology “Verizon Contest Entry”

Possible new technology for airlines?  Technology #FixMyComputerOnSite http://www.FixMyComputerOnSite.com

Five New Technologies That Will Change Your Life In 10 Years

Possible new technology for airlines? Luxurious Air Travel + New conceptual art for the Airbus envisions a future where the planes are equipped with holograms, a sunroof and see through-walls, touch-screen TVs and self-cleaning cabins.

Scarpar: Electric skateboard that can dominate any terrain. #products #tech - rePinned by SocialMagnets.net

This Electric Skateboard Can Dominate Any Terrain

In the works for seven years, the Scarpar is a one-man vehicle built to conquer any terrain. Why did it take so long, and will it shake up extreme sports?

Cloud - magnetic sofa

Floating cloud couch levitates with magnetic force