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Lucien by chibi-oneechan deviantart

"He sat patiently waiting for his ship home. The war was long over and there was no more need for a battlemage.  The children ran around him, playing cheerfully amongst the crates and packages that were on their way to distant lands. As with all children they became curious, about his bright magi cloak, his silvery white hair, his purple eyes, but most of all they were fixated on the blue glow emanating from his hands. He lit up a conjuring, a small crackle as the butterflies flapped awa...

ArtStation - The Man of Armadon, Lap Pun Cheung < More art work inspiration. reminds me of a character I wrote

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f Rogue Thief Pirate Leather Rapier ship water coastal desert dare-to-dm: quarkmaster: Pirate Nation Shen Fei This speaks to me on a deep emotional level

Blades In The Dark- Support Your Local Criminal - The Something Awful Forums

Hazardous docks by haryarti female pirate rogue thief armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

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haha I had to pin this to this album, seeing a cute little affectionate cat in a picture like that. haha it's just so adorable. I need a female half-elf rogue version of this! D&D

Legend of the Cryptids - Warrior of nature by *kir-tat on deviantART


The Withering Flame by anndr - Please click artwork for source

Aye! I'm Captain Jade Turner! (Also known as "Capn'" "Captain" "Capn' Jade The Brave" And just "Jade". As you miight have guessed, I'm the Captain of the ship. Oh yeah, and don't worry. We're good pirates... well, mostly. We are thieves.. but we also are adventurers and we've discovered whole new parts of the world no one has seen yet. But yeah.. we like to steal stuff... More about me. All I care about is treasure,and my crew. I'd die for any of my crew unlike some other pirates.

I'm Captain Jade Turner! (Also known as "Capn'" "Captain" "Capn' Jade The Brave" And just "Jade".

conceptvault:  Fire ElfBy Even Amundsen

Female High-Elf Sorcerer - Art by Mehl Amundsen

Commission - Arya by Aerenwyn

f Paladin Gold Plate Sword Cape midlvl forest hills Commission - Arya by Aerenwyn

ravensshire: “http://thedurrrrian.deviantart.com/gallery/ ”

War of Broken Mirrors - Stealing Sorcery by theDURRRRIAN female fighter ranger spear wizard warlock sorcerer staff forest woods armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

heroineimages: “ Found another where the poster lacked the courtesy to credit the artist. Wankers. Excellent portrait by David Kaye. ”

spassundspiele: Dragon Archer – fantasy character concept by David Kaye

13329604_1131135603616463_2704589840505846167_o.jpg (564×1105)

mystery-of-silence: Swordlady by Ernesto Irawan

Dessine moi un.....

char-portraits: “ Musketeer Hopeful d’Artagnan, by Woochul Lee ”

This character belongs to Snowwhiteshadows This is a commissioned work! Please, do not use this picture on other sites and do not claim this character as your own! Thank you!

f Fighter Plate portrait Commission: Rhona by Inar-of-Shilmista

OMG she actually has proper armor on!!! See, that's the kind of armor all female warriors need.

cyberclays: A paladin - by Un Lee