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OMG - that face!  What a cutie...wish I could have a bat as a pet.

* * " Yoo musts nevers forgetz dat wuts yoo tame, yoo beez responsible fer de rest of yer life.

Flying Fox by dandjtaylor2003 - Dwayne Taylor

People find bats creepy and scary but I think they are miss understood and I would love to have bats on my property. I've always enjoyed watching them fly around looking for a tasty meal. These are my favorite of all bats - Flying Foxes.


"Flying fox" Pteropus are the largest bats in the world. Fruit Bats or Flying Foxes. Australia looks like a very interesting place to visit; so many odd things are down there.>>>>>>>>Talk about a mega-bat!


A bat and butterfly share a piece of fruit. Bats are so intriguing to me. A fruit bat for a pet would be nice .

Ralphie enjoys, quite literally, hanging out with family and friends during his summer vacation.

Tim Flach, a professional photographer for 25 years, lives and works in London. He is known for his conceptual images of animals.

Bats, From "More than Human" by Tim Flach. An upside-down photograph- bats hang upside-down!

Please let me rescue a bat Lord,I've saved about eve.rything else,but how I adore bats...

Please let me rescue a bat Lord,I've saved about eve.rything else,but how I adore bats.

Chauve-souris aux rayons X

Quelques portraits tirés de la sélection 2014 d'un des plus célèbres concours internationaux d’image médicale

X-ray projection of a brown long-eared bat hunted and killed by a domestic cat. The brown long-eared bat has relatively large ears and is co.

A Bumblebee Bat

The smallest mammal in the world, this tiny bat weighs less than 2 grams. Its body is about the size of a large bumblebee, hence the common name “bumblebee bat”.

I think bats are adorable.

Bats are present throughout most of the world, performing vital ecological roles of pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds.

Bat in flight.

Bats anatomy back lit by moonlight or a rare daylight observation of a fruit BAT that reveals its lightweight but resilient body and bone structure.

Owl albino with red eyes. It's like one of the owls of gahoole (legend of the guardians)

Owl albino with red eyes.

Long-eared jerboa: This tiny rodent was first caught on film in 2007. They live in parts of China and Mongolia, and it's believed that their ears help them cool off in the desert.

They may not be HUGE but they are unusual in shape and size: Jerboas are technically desert dwelling rodents who live primarily in Northern Africa and Asia, but let's face it- they might actually be the cutest animals in existence.