Things to do this summer - take a little trip to the beach. Sand dunes at Gwithian, near St Ives, Cornwall, UK.

Wunderschöne Aufnahme. ...

Wave Washes Ashore Onto Sandy Beach Azure Ocean Blue Sky Canvas Art - Peter French Design Pics x


Moon Shine over the Ocean-Brings back memories of swimming in the moon beam as a child.


Dreaming of Summer: Prismatic Pastels

Pastel scene of a beach beautiful t̝u̝m̝b̝l̝r̝ waves bright sun

Where's your next vacation?

Big puffy white clouds, turquoise waters, and glorious sun rays shining down on it all. Tides are bulges of water caused by the gravity of Sun and Moon as they pull on the Earth.


Siesta Key Beach Dunes Painting by Gabriela Valencia - Siesta Key Beach Dunes Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale (summer beach drawing)

Love the clouds in this photo.

reminds me of the way the sand had blown & the natural dunes after Pleasure Beach was deserted, when you had to take your boat to get out there