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attractiveness // aesthetic // photography // art // people // androgynous // model // grunge I can't tell the gender but they are gorgeous and I'm so confused

The enigmatic being of Archer West is one that puzzles many. One moment he's eerily silent, the next his words stab like daggers. This 23 year old contradiction is spontaneous, abrasive, and occasionally reclusive. He's known for his ability to observe; to see things others don't; and to force the truth from another sometimes merely from his penetrating and hypnotic forest gaze.

Photographer Jon Gorrigan connects with model Simon Van Meervenne to shoot a fashion editorial, which is featured in The Guardian.

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Sean O'Pry for VOGUE Hommes International, Fall / Winter photographed by David Armstrong.

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Kai is a elf with a happy personality. But, he often talks to himself and acts as if he is in third person. When this was noticed, he was sent to an asylum. This is now his asylum, for the others couldn't diagnose a specific disease, he was just odd.

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He is so handsome. I thought about perfect everytime I saw his picture!

ch | macie taylor

ch | macie taylor