Michael Wolf — Architecture of Density

The skyscrapers of Hong Kong as you've never imagined them before...

Architecture of Density © Michael Wolf, courtesy of Flowers Gallery

Hong Kong  I feel like I am cheating when posting images of buildings. Yet I think they are splendid examples of how the grid is all around us.

Inspired by Michael Wolf's photos of Hong Kong buildings, but probably originally by the urbanization section of the Massive Change exhibit. Hong Kong apartments/homes.

Up You Go

Perfectly Composed Architectural Shots By Dirk Bakker Will Give You An Eye-Gasm

Gesu hanin..

pattern - of houses horizontally in previous post and here in vertical high rise


Ferreries Cultural Centre Centro culturale Ferreries Tortosa Josep Camps Povill e Olga Felip Ordis architettura contemporanea Spagna

Window A/C units as art. #HVAC

Blue building by Pilar Almagro Paz (looks like a horizontally compressed exterior of a Hong Kong building)

Holocaust Memorial, Study I - PAUL COGHLIN

Berlin “Holocaust Memorial” study prints: a donation from …


This image has RHYTHM because of the eye movement it makes your eyes like go down the steps.and your eyes are attracted to the steps.your eye go threw the art work and can imagine whats going down the steps.