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Teapot Feeder - 23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds

23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds - Page 2 of 2 - DIY...

Old teapot turned spout down (which will make sure any water drains) in the garden for bird nests.clever art in the garden. "BEST GARDEN IDEA EVER.looking for chipped teapots @ garage sales now!

Similar to a previous idea, string apple slices, cranberries, and walnuts on a string and hang from a tree in your yard. The cranberries really give your yard a Christmas feel, and the birds will love them!

10 DIY Winter Bird Feeders - Page 9 of 11

girl scout camp craft: feed the birds ~ * Walnuts (halved, save the meat for trail mix!) * Bird Seed * Peanut Butter * Cranberries(frozen or dried), raisins, apples, popcorn and other bird safe treats

Yoghurt, socker och vatten – tre saker som är vanligt förekommande i svenska hem. Men förutom att ätas eller drickas så kan de tillsammans med ytterligare en ingrediens få ett helt annat användningsområde.

"Painting" with moss! This Guy Did The Coolest, But Possibly Most Illegal, DIY Project Ever. The End Result?

the garden-roof coop: DIY Flowerpot Bird-Feeder

Are you looking for a way bird feeder attract birds to your home. If you want to make your own, then a DIY flower pot bird feeder is a perfect idea.

Tea Cup Bird Feeder made from mismatched china tea cups and saucers. | Something Wonderful

Tea Cup Bird Feeders - super inexpensive and a very cute idea for the garden. Might need to start looking for mismatching tea cups. Not going to use from my collection of tea cups.

40 + ideas for attracting, feeding, and entertaining birds in your garden.

Home Tweet Home ~ for the birds! Idea Box by Barb Rosen

For the birds. 40 + ideas for attracting, feeding, and entertaining birds in your garden. (curated by Barb Rosen)

How to grow a delightful and dedicated humingbird garden. Attracting hummers, ways to gain their trust, experience the wonder of hand-feeding, feeders and nectar guidelines, fruits and flowers they can't resist, and ways to appeal to their playful and curious personalties.

Here's what to do with those watermelon scraps! Hummingbirds and butterflies enjoy watermelon. (We went to a butterfly garden this summer, and butterflies sure do love watermelon!

Cool Fences for Your Yard and Garden - Bird house fence

Cool Fences for Your Yard and Garden

Cute DIY kids’ fence: This quirky faux-birdhouse fence is the perfect backdrop to a kids’ garden. Might make for a dog fence.


DIY Ideas for Your Garden - Pink Tricycle Planter - Cool Projects for Spring and Summer Gardening - Planters, Rocks, Markers and Handmade Decor for Outdoor Gardens - Gardening Living

Teapot water feature

Tea garden art - no instructions. Tea pot and teacup on stakes, chandelier crystal to look like teapot pouring

Recycled Bird Feeder from mesh fruit bags.  Peanut butter, vegetable shortening; melt in a microwave for 1 1/2 minutes on high.  Mix in quick-cooking oats, cornmeal, and flour.  Pack mixture into paper cups and cool.  These will keep in the refrigerator for long while.  Hang upside down in a mesh bag and your birdy friends will love it.  Hang it where you can enjoy the view!

Feed the Birds: Mix peanut butter and vegetable shortening, melt in the microwave for minutes. Mix in quick-cooking oatmeal, cornmeal, and flour. Pack into paper cups and let cool. Remove cups and put in mesh bag.

Blomsterverkstad: remember the birds

apple treat for the birds. Would be cool to do an outdoor x-mas tree for the birds with these.

Cute christmas gift idea

21 DIY Projects For All Your Leftover Wine Bottles

the garden-roof coop: DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders. good thing I've got so many empty wine bottles