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I choose to live bravely in the now than cautiously in the never...  Live boldly...something's only come around once...

If you are looking to do the London Spartan Race or the Tough Mudder you will get wet from rain, puddles, mud pits and open water swimming.

Inspired by the following quote, using an old shot from Freeman archives   “The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you”   Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you” Neil deGrasse Tyson. I like that, me and the universe get along just fine.

Spartan Code! AROO AROO!  #SpartanRace www.spartanrace.com

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Reebok Spartan Race is innovating obstacle course races on a global scale. With races worldwide, we have three core races escalating in distance & obstacles.


Peope do not need ten commandments telling us what not to do. We are far better off having nine virtues providing us with a positive guideline for righteous behavior. The former creates good slaves while the latter inspires noble heroes.

You must both wield and utilize your emotions to make you strong, but not let them blind you in a fight to reason and logic.

Shotokan Dojo Kun

Shotokan Dojo Kun by Master Sensei Gichin Funakoshi One. To Seek Perfection of Character

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45 Ultimate Tips For Men

Things I want in a man and in my future son 45 Ultimate Tips For Men. This is nice and I'd love to meet the kind if man who respects those tips

Abdominal Crossfit Workout for time

going through crossfit ab workouts. rarely see a crossfitter w/o crazy abs, looking for an ab workout I can do before I get into crossfit