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Micro Tile Hydrangea by Element Clay Studio on Etsy. $98

from Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio, Etsy store ceramic hydrangea sculpure art installation


What is not to love about these sleek and elegant Unión Suiza vases? We have to thank the designer Martín Azúa for these gorgeous faceted black vases. The brass structure holds the vase together at an angle and gives added drama to the whole look.


[CasaGiardino] Beauty in nature presented in an unconventional way. (balsiek: 45881 Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ by horticultural art)

Paper engineering, Matt Shlian.

Matthew Shlian works within the increasingly nebulous space between art and engineering. As a paper engineer, Shlian's work is rooted in print media, book arts,…

The Vintaquarian

ruth asawa, sculpture - inspiration for light furniture surface or lamp

Paper Folds. CH i like how it looks so 3D and real

Geometric shapes folded to make a geometric structure. This creates an interesting structure which could be very versatile. I see this structure as being a crazy shelving unit within an interior to shelf small products for the customer to view.


Alexander tiles - a little ceramic tile that can be rotated to show different shades and illustrate imagery and graphics on wall surfaces. (Copyright © 2011 giles miller studio ltd, unless otherwise noted.

HandCrafted In Virginia  Oh my, if these are tiles I may have just found heaven!

° hexagon oak parquet floor ° Interior Design Teak wood Sink Spotted: Halloween Decor with American Craf.

Tracing paper loops.

tara donovan (detail) androgyny magazine photo by yuval hen unknown photo of stella tenant noriko ambe sculpture (detai.

Interests – Graphic Design findings. Flot design idet det spiller. LYDDÆMPENDE hvis stof og hullerne absorberer og reflekterer lyden i forskellige retninger

by Klaus Staudt . White cardboard on black cardboard, 61 × 61 cm Created 1968 --- *** Make this the moon faces!

surface design - Cerca con Google

Alexander ceramic tile by Giles Miller.Available in glazed or matt finish, in an extensive variety of colours, this clever little tile can be rotated in any one of six directions to create different shades on a surface.