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Nuala O'Donovan - Ceramic Art London I want some of this beautiful stuff! Crazy gorgeous under and out of water.

Nature by becky

I'm in love with Henry Domke's shell photos. I want to cover my walls! color-and-pattern

water lily

Botanica Magnifica is the photography portfolio of Jonathan Singer. Some of his work focusses on photographing endangered flowers.

a close up look of honeycomb and the designs and textures made by bees.

The element of design in this image illustrates Texture. This is a magnified photo of a honeycomb.

Like little nebulas inside each compartment- the idea that a little universe can exist in such a tiny space

Ammonite Fossil / Fibonacci sequence seen in spiral

Under the sea - zoo's

"Inside of beautiful water" by Sonoe Nakao // Soft Coral, Zoanthus erythrochloros/ I love these colors

❖Blanc❖ White sea anemone

Leather coral (Alcyoniidae), a soft coral - close-up of an alcyonacean in Palau, showing the individual polyps.

water study by Julian Hrankov

water study by Julian Hrankov. I want to do a study of something that interests me, and then draw it. Or maybe water.

Champagne colored Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) / Anilao, Philippines 食べ物みたいだと思いました。少し気持ち悪さのある感じが好きです。

detailed view of champagne-colored Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) . from Anilao, Philippines . by Matthew Meier Photography

odd eggs

Vintage Egg Collection A carefully laid out collection of eggs bought from a farmer who gathered them in the hard to get away from how pretty eggs are. Great photo if I ever need to replicate eggs


~~Colorful Ricordia Coral by neilcreek~~ and coral is an animal

3D CORAL REEF | ASTA MASIULYTE                                                                                                                                                      More


This coral's various circular shapes creates an interesting visual image that can be incorporated into dresses, ruffles, and other design aesthetics.