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Seriously.  The thought of taking the initiative to call someone is scary.

Shy People Problems: Having no problem texting someone, but talking to them in person is a whole other story.

Yup this happen to me in my Spanish 2 class she pulled me to the side and ask me how many students I know and I said only three she told me to talk get to know people socialize and was like the second day of school

Shy People Problems This is so annoying! Why can't I just work by myself and get my good grades?

Shy People Problems

I try soooo hard, but usually say something too "complex" for these freakin' idiots to understand :/ oh yeah, and I get flustered.

I hate eye-contact but my mom tells me I need to give eye-contact to be polite... but I only give it to intimidate people.

How is direct eye-contact comfortable! Is there anyone who regularly stares at a person's eyes permanently throughout an entire conversation?