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I would like it if it wasn't a skull, and no upside down cross on it. Just a deer and antlers :)

Significado de Tatuagem de Caveira

Cameo skull chestpiece tattoo - to hardcore for me but I think I know what will be on my hand :)

I've wanted a Chevy Girl tattoo for years now....still do!!

Only mine will say "daddy's Chevy girl". My daddy was a Chevy man and in a Chevy girl through and through! I was only 2 when he died but he roughy me well in those 2 years.

I want this type of coverage just not this design

beautiful flowers, swirls, filigree tat on shoulder and down arm. Maybe i should star thinking about my own design again but get it done this time round


miso: home-made tattoos: twin branches for tessa,traded for whiskey: melbourne, 2013 - zesty-tattoo

fenix tattoo - Pesquisa Google

RA:like idea, but bigger, to become the phoenix with the wings spreading to the arms allowing for more phoenix body on center torso, with long elegant tail feathers extending down back legs and feet. full back phoenix tattoo design with very vivid color