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Okay so why do I yell at the screen for the people in horror movies NOT to open that door or NOT to go into the house when I'd do exactly the same thing? Curiosity killed the clown.well you know what I mean. Would you sit next to that clown?

Vintage Clown ~ rather frightening❗️

18 Terrifying Old Costumes You Can't Unsee

Bring home the comedy and tragedy of clowns with this refrigerator magnet. This is a vintage image of happy and sad clowns with a hint of creepy. This will be a great addition to your magnet collection or a great gift!

Garota depressiva #depressão Insta: needy_suicide

Garota depressiva #depressão Insta: needy_suicide

Strange and awful big mouth.....it's no wonder some people fear or loathe clowns.  One always wonders what or who is behind the façade.  This one is definitely creepy.

Creepy and Disturbing Photos – Part I

Yet one more reason I hate clowns.the stuff nightmares are made of.how is it that the girl is smiling?(i love clowns O^O)

American Horror Story Twisty the Clown Deluxe Halloween Mask | TRICK or TREAT STUDIOS - Masks to Die For!

American Horror Story Twisty Halloween Mask Full over the head mask with removable sculpted mouth attachment.

hahahahaa i do it too...or lay a couch pillow over my crunched up body lol

i have watched enough scary as hell movies to know the order or operations haha.


Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off of one bat and all of the sudden he's the boogie man.

The horrors that my brain comes up with are endless & cruel. O_O    Go to the site to see the gif.

After a horror movie...

Going to sleep normally VS after watching a scary movie, look at the second panel closely.