Halloween makeup inspiration

is responsible for this Lady Gaga inspired piece. :heart: holy fuck how?

Photographer Pascal Demeester captures this futuristic conceptual beauty look.

Photographer Pascal Demeester captures this futuristic conceptual beauty look.

Photo-shopped yes, but still inspiring makeup.

Mua: Frances Hathaway Ph: Yulia Gorbachenko Model: Vanessa Cruz Retouch: Cristian Girotto (Unmarried women don't wear a face painted full white)

Beautiful Portrait Of Pretty Girl - Retouched and Enhanced By - Fiverr - I dont own these images i just retouched them to its best - Enjoy :)

Creative pop art makeup

Halloween makeup idea: these fabulous eyes and red lip props make for a pure pop statement!

Comic book-inspired lines. Visual contrast in the harsh black lines and organic nature of face.

Fashion - trippychick-makeup: Fuck That is amazing, extra-dimensional - COMPLETE Magazine - read about the most exclusive and elusive fashion accessories from best designers.