The Punisher- justifiable justice? One side solid and shining, gradient darker into sharp and dripping side. Justice he serves to the blood he sheds

Asked Lewie what he wanted me to draw so I could prove I got a scanner for Christmas. He said the punisher skull I drew this in like . The Punisher Skull

Worshipping by Nicolas Gazut ©

Worshipping by Nicolas Gazut © whatever fuck ass devil is fucking me over and trying to undo me as god somehow or murder me or sate me with his 3 witches in hell now one the way to hell 2

I have no idea what this is or where it came from, but I like it **Edit** I found out the artist! By: moon_mxtr

Now these three are demons summoned by the guilt of a cheating man. They use him silently while his woman sleeps next to him. They only vanish when he admits his actions to his woman.

Arte tétrico y bizarro. La otra realidad, de Keith Thompson – El pensante

Undead: Damned *Otherworld ~ High-level demon - Demon of Time

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I created a male and a female Steampunk Plague Doctor costume. Therefore i used old leather aprons, old medical instruments and various leather and created a leather.