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4xwu5rtugwx.jpg (1920×1200)

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Panthera pardus -Ngala Game Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa -with kill in - Leopard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The happiest animal in the world, meet the quokka. There is no way this cute little creature does not make you want to smile. Looks like a cross between 2 of my favorite animals, koala and otters. <3

The happiest animal in the world, meet the quokka…

6.) This Chital deer was the only one to let a little macaque ride around on her back at a zoo in Malaysia. As a reward, the little guy groomed her and took a snooze.

A long-tailed macaque being carried around by a particularly accommodating Chital deer at a zoo in Malaysia.

family dinner by Kittiwut Chuamrassamee-pink-flamant rose-flamingo

Spotted Hyena - proficient hunter, female dominant society, willing scavenger, very strong bite.

Spotted Hyenas: When Matriarchs Bear the Rod!