Candice Accola // The Vampire Diaries // Caroline Forbes // middle-length blonde hair [1]

candice accola- Caroline from "The Vampire Diaries" The character Candice had the role of kind of reminded me of my self kind of. but now that she's a vampire it's awesome and her and klaus's romance I love it!

one of my favorite actors in vampire dairies

This is the girl who plays Caroline Forbes in the vampire diaries. Did she ACTUALLY dye her hair BLUE!

Segredos de Vampiro

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{FC: Candice Accola} Hello there, my name is Mae Amberson and I've only been here about a week or so. I was injected several months ago and only managed to avoid coming here for so long thanks to my new ability. I've been able to create and manipulate illusions, whether it be appearances or sights and senses that aren't really there. I intend to live life just as I did before during my stay, with a few minor changes of course. Be careful with what you think you see.

{FC: Candice Accola} Hello there, my name is Mae Amberson and I've only been…

Candice Accola King

Candice Accola King

Candice Accola

“ When you’re watching television, you don’t want to watch a show where everything just works out. You don’t want to see a relationship that’s just blossoming and everyone’s happy and sunshine and.