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You know you're a volleyball player when...

Ignore the volleyball thing at the top,no matter what sport u play, this is what u think of. Basketball for sure.

T shirt with a quote :) Haha this is so funny... wish this was our cross-country teams motto....

T shirt with a quote :) Haha this is so funny. wish this was our cross-country teams motto.

Cool shirt for a race

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I wanna cry thinking that I won't be able to play soccer forever

We are all one injury away from never playing again. So, hope you enjoy and embrace every second you spend on that field because you never know when it will be your last! This is true.

One can only do so many drop spins and run all the way across the gym so many times before this happens. It's also how you know it was a good practice.

And then you think… "oooh bubbles. The wall! Wait what lap was that? What did coach just say to do? What's my lane number? Just keep swimming.just keep swimming.

Actually I'd rather be called a lax player than a girl

I would rather be called strong than pretty. I would rather be called muscular than skinny. I would rather be called athletic than beautiful. I would rather be called a soccer player than a girl.

Being a Christian athlete means

(Volleyball) i dont go to church, but this is true. This is amazing, and i thank God that he gave me the ability to play

That's why swimming is not easy!!!

Swimming is a love/hate sport. Every second of every practice the words 'I hate this' will be thought. Yet as soon as you have to sit out one practice all you want to do is jump in the water and SWIM. <<< OMG I used to b on a swim team for 😭

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