Snowflake (c. 1964 – November 24, 2003) who loved to smile, was the only known albino gorilla - so far.

Animals can smile too, and looks very funny while laugh. Take a look at these funny animal pictures that will amaze you with their laughing faces.

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Funny pictures about The animal kingdom sends us a message. Oh, and cool pics about The animal kingdom sends us a message. Also, The animal kingdom sends us a message photos.

This is "Brutus," an 18-foot-long Australian saltwater crocodile in the Adelaide River, Australia.

Monster Crocodile, Adelaide River, Australia photo via dailymail. this "monster croc" is missing an arm. how big was the other crocodile that bit this things arm off? i think your monster croc is still out there.


This is me trying to make only one trip from the car to the house with all of my grocery bags!