This living room is so serene with all of the soft, neutral colors. Interior design ideas, home decor. Dream home.

inspiration board

Artists's mood board as wall art. Great example that you don't need sophisticated presentation or framing to create beautiful wall art.

absolutely beautiful thingsk wall for art studio

inspiration board galore Black and White By Daniela Witte/via Skona Hem Apartment 34 offices office design Office space

the stylists: cleo scheulderman.

Not sure about having old gymnastics equipment in the house, but like the idea of having a wall of photos illuminated by an old studio light!

Love the wall collage - although the look of the room is too feminine for me but very pretty.  I will use the idea of mixing one large print with smaller art work and pieces.

A good display of art and pictures on a wall can really make an entire space look complete. Wall art enhances the look of a room and allows.

An eclectic art wall just like this, but with white frames, a white couch and gray-green walls for my sunroom

I ❤️ walls filled top to bottom with pictures. Great idea for those people who have a lot of art and not enough wall space.

This would be neat with family photos, or collected from antique shops!

vintage photo collection Would be awesome to have a large wall with a family tree to display photos of older generations, too!