Después de pasar un rato observando las ilustraciones del artista francés Nesskain, solo puedo decir que me han enamorado. Trabajos que hacen que te apasione la ilustración, formas cubicas con un claro sabor a manga/comic ya que el mismo artista se confiesa seguidor absoluto de ese mundo. Autodidacta y apasionado de la naturaleza. Así es Nesskain.

Ilustración emotiva de Nesskain

And it's peaceful in the deep by on @DeviantArt. I like the subtle way the author shows us they are under water.

-And it’s peaceful in the deep- Trying to not use trick with color temperature but I’m using way too much the glow effect ahah :D.

Yehuda Devir Series killer

Yehuda Devir Series killer

Lunar chronicles. Such a good series. Not a huge fan of this art but always a huge fangirl of Prince Kai

I hope that this makes you smile because I felt like smiling the entire time I was drawing it. (Cinder is a blacksmith (apprentice? Kai is the prince of the Eastern Empire.

these are actually pretty cool

If Harry Potter was a Disney movie

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