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" And, in 2008 version it has so made. Again husband this winter seems to have and love this cardigan, everywhere in the knitted fabric had become thinner. It is not possible to keep them alone in this state, it is prickly patch cloth this year. Then..., It has gotten so big! Says her husband, it seems "... somewhat heavy ...". And, new at the 2008 version is the button hole."

A knitted cardigan slowly transforming into a patchwork cardigan as it ages. What an amazing way to save a comfy cardy!

sew old sweater sleeves onto a short sleeve shirt or a plain long sleeve.

I would love this outfit and a trip to an ole southern city just to relax and go back in time ! sew old sweater sleeves onto a short sleeve shirt or a plain long sleeve.


Cute sweater patches, pretty sure I could make thsat happen. "True godliness does not turn men out of the world, but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavors to mend it.

Saori sagen wir, dass jeder jeden Alters und Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten gehen nebeneinander schön und einzigartig.In meinem webbutton Unterricht habe ich meistens neue webe Studenten. Ich denke an diese Weste als meine Ode an 7 jährigen, denn Teile der Weberei gab es erster Versuch Saori zu weben. Jedes Stück ist anregend und macht Spaß. Ich habe einige der dort Stücke im Rücken und Kapuze für meine Weste-Design und meinen eigenen Weberei Weste vorne. alle Abilites Side by Side   Die…

A Fun Saori hooded vest by saorisantacruz on Etsy

patched elbow

Ravelry: Madewell pattern by Joji Locatelli, for inspiration, nice detail linen stitch patch


Anthropologie HWR Button Jar Cardigan Sweater Sz L Marled Brown Long Sleeve RARE Like many anthropologie items, this would be easy to DIY

Tutorial: Custom Cardigan Sweater | The Zen of Making

Tutorial: Custom Cardigan Sweater

Upcycled old sweater - cut open to make it a cardigan and add a crocheted border and buttons

up cycled recycle wool sweater: "wash and dry at high heat to shrink and felt it up, slice down the front to make it a cardigan, then blanket stitch the border, crochet the overlap, add buttons.