Eglantyne:  Regarded as one of the most beautiful of English Roses.  Very hardy, strong Old Rose fragrance, good repeat.

Buy rose Eglantyne (shrub) Rosa 'Eglantyne ('Ausmak') (PBR)' - One of the best English roses available: Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus

David Austin English Rose: Perdita

I love pink roses so much.

Wildeve, Standard - David Austin Roses

Buy rose Wildeve (hybrid musk) Rosa 'Wildeve = 'Ausbonny' (PBR)': Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus

Rose ‘Felicia’. So easy to grow, gorgeous out and in with masses of flowers from June to October

Rose 'Felicia'

Hybrid Musk Shrub Rose: Rosa 'Felicia' (U.

Thornless Roses, List of Roses without Thorns Including Thornless Climbers

Climber by training - Enjoying a rich, fruity fragrance, Rose 'A Shropshire Lad' is absolutely ravishing with its large rosettes displaying up to 100 perfectly arranged, soft and peachy pink petals.

Sharifa Asma - English Rose Shrubs - English roses - bred by David Austin

Sharifa Asma: David Austin repeat flower rose that does well in hot & humid areas

'Evelyn' is a  David Austin English Rose

'Evelyn' is a David Austin English Rose. This is one of my favorites of the David Austin English Roses that we have in our garden.

'Königin von Dänemark', before 1816

Queen of Denmark. One of the finest of all the Old Roses. Large, beautifully formed, quartered flowers of soft glowing pink; to which its grey-green leaves provide a perfect foil. X 4 ft.

David Austin English rose Princess Alexander of Kent.Large, fully double, full petalled and deeply cupped blooms of glowing pink. Delicious tea fragrance changing to lemon with age.

David Austin English rose Princess Alexander of Kent 175mm Pot

Rose 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (ausmerchant), David Austin Rose, so cal, A prolific bloomer with high disease resistance!

Ground cover roses, super hardy, produces all summer long!

Baby Blanket™ Soft Pink Groundcover Rose from Jackson & Perkins (zone 5 might work).

The Lady of the Lake (rambler) Rosa 'The Lady of the Lake = 'Ausherbert' (PBR)' repeat flowers, scented,

"Anne Boleyn" repeat flowering shrub - gorgeous roses for floral arrangements

As gardeners worldwide will attest to, David Austin roses epitomize the beauty of English roses. With such delightful names as Strawbe.

Rose 'Great Maiden's Blush'.

Rose 'Great Maiden's Blush', before 1400

Mortimer Sackler - Climbing Roses - Type

Mortimer Sackler - Climbing Roses - Type

"Wisley 2008" a David Austin English Rose. It has a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberries and Tea. It is a good choice for both formal and informal areas of the garden and also, perhaps, for a hedge.

Wisley 2008 - David Austin Roses Wisley 2008 (Ausbreeze) David Austin Recommended Variety Category English Roses (English Rose Collection) Bred By David Austin Flower Type Double/Full Bloom Hardiness Hardy Fragrance Medium Repeating Excellent x

Life of a Bachelorette

A David Austin "Lady Emma Hamilton" rose plant.