Hangar Eenenveertig (known familiarly as Hangar 41) overlooks Antwerp's Scheldt River and was designed by Belgian architect Jo Peeters. Peeters retained all the elements of a traditional European grand cafe but added a contemporary vibe with moody dark gray walls, end-cut wood walls, and astral-looking pendant lights from Moooi.

Restaurant Visit: Hangar Eenenveertig in Antwerp

Restaurant Visit: Hangar Eenenveertig in Antwerp : Remodelista. Mirror behind bar serves many purposes for the bartender, customers, and interior lighting/perception.

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The latest Back bar stools Design ideas for restaurants and hotels

Must see: Wine Republic - Crossmarks #mustsee #winerepublic #crossmarks

Wine Republic - Melbourne - 800 bottle lighting sculpture nicknamed the 'Wine Cloud' - retail display

HELLO Lights at The Whale Wins | Seattle

Awesome Signage Design

Marquee lights serve dual purpose as lighting + a special message to guests at The Whale Wins restaurant in Seattle, WA.