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    Fun and funky ideas for container gardening
    February 27, 2013

    The Homestead Survival: Beautiful Raised Herb Garden & What To Grow

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    Pruning Tomatoes- great article. Gave me the courage I needed to prune my out of control tomato plants!

    Raised garden planter boxes on wheels / casters - Size is 2' x 4' each, just over 2'ft 4" tall with the casters installed on the bottom. Soil depth container is 12" and the bottom shelf has about 3" of clearance to hold drain water trays.

    Cinder blocks instead of wood raised beds. Plus you could plant herbs, strawberries, or Marigold's *in* the cinder blocks themselves!

    Herb drying rack...utter coolness! witch craft inspiration pagan

    Herb garden village! Very fun and cute idea! Great to help get kids involved with gardening and growing your own fruit, veg and herbs!

    The Cottage Market: 30+ Herb Garden Ideas Everything you need to know about how and when to plant herbs.

    tomato plant irrigation. Add food /compost. Makes a tea

    Penny Ball for the garden. Pennies in the garden repel slugs and make hydrangeas blue. I love this idea. It looks old and new and beautiful.

    herb garden in sunken pots... keeps it nice and organized and keeps the herbs from spreading