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The law of attraction is impersonal, and whatever we focus on with feeling is bringing it to us.

30 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes Of All Time

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Everytime you get upset at something ask yourself if you were to die tomorrow, was it worth wasting your time being angry.

44 Best Motivational Quotes To Inspire Anyone 38

44 Best Motivational Quotes To Inspire Anyone 38

7 Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For you: - http://themindsjournal.com/7-signs-the-law-of-attraction-is-working-for-you/

7 Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For you:

Vibrational Manifestation - 7 Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For you: - themindsjournal. - Bird Watcher Reveals Controversial Missing Link You Need to Know To Manifest The Life You've Always Dreamed Of

May we all aspire to live every day according to these principles.

Dalai Lama: 18 Rules of Life - Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

be the energy you want to attract

What you emit, you attract. Let your vibe be pleasant. And you shall attract similar vibes. -Prateeksha Malik // Law of Attraction // Positive Vibes // PCOSLiving

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Imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein. A gorgeous quote on Creativity and the imagination


Vibrational Manifestation - Click the Pin for Awesome Topics on Law Of Attraction manimir. Changed my life Law of Attraction - My long term illness is finally going away, and I think I might have found the love of my life.

The 52-Week Happiness Journal | The Happiness Planner™

The 52-Week Journal (Undated)

The Happiness Planner : Focus on What Makes You Happy As requested by popular demand, we have created an undated weekly planner that embraces our signature function, the much-loved weekly reflection e

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Resilient and determined

I am a child of God, saved by grace and forgiven. I am spirit and soul borrowing an earthly body for a short time. I am a mom, sister, daughter, and friend. I am an emotional creature with a soft heart. I am so many things.I am ME. I am proud to be ME.

Focus, één van de belangrijkste doelen die je jezelf moet stellen als je ondernemer of zzp'er bent

It is so easy to get distracted in day to day tasks. Remember to stay focused on the goal you have set for yourself.

Inspirational Quotes On Self Discipline

Inspirational Quotes On Self Discipline

35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes When you can't control what's happening challenge yourself to control the way you respond. Be Powerful!

Just a lesson

Don't ever let your past hold you back. Our past helps us in building our future. Be grateful for the lessons learned and move on. Be a voice to help those who are in the situation you once were in.