A study in formal wear by on @deviantART - clothes clothes clothes, cheap womens clothes websites, clothes for fashion *ad

Another learning exercise in clothing-- formal attire, dress shirts and coats studied from photos. A study in formal wear




Today's drawing lessons: How to draw cloth and folds: Wrinkles Study--for drawing clothes on people

A study in coats by on @DeviantArt

A study in coats by Spectrum-VII on DeviantArt male jackets long front back open closed shading detail reference

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thefurryartacademy: “ Clothing Tutorials,Tips and Guides In order to make interesting designs of clothing, look around the web about outfit design, keep your mind with fresh ideas so then you can draw.

12 realistic woman body shape chart by NinaSquirrelly on deviantART

Somebody asked me to do something like that head angles I did long ago, but for the body, so. this is how I draw bodies I always start with that hips circle thing, mostly to balance the weight an.

Black Tie (suit tutorial) by miyuli

Black Tie (suit tutorial) by miyuli <----finally someone made this! I'm not a guy so drawing suits was a complete mystery to me and they always looked like black pyjamas