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atmosphere's sketchb...@藏图强迫症患者采集到线稿素描手绘(1529图)_花瓣插画/漫画

atmosphere's sketchb...@藏图强迫症患者采集到线稿素描手绘(1529图)_花瓣插画/漫画

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가슴 채색 / 명암 - The tutorial itself is in japanese and the description is in korean. I know it's a tut on breasts but this can be applied to other exposed body parts as well.

study by Krenz

Simplification of the thighs, knees and pelvis. Both skeletal and muscular. This will vary from subject to subject, but might be a good guideline for shapes to look for.

At first I thought that's a weird ass cat but then I saw the rest and was like I LOVE THAT CAT

How to use a circle and proportions of a cat face to draw male anime torso. How to draw abs on a male manga figure.


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1: スペースNo.な-74:2012/05/04(金) 01:56:38.70 ID: ここは人体を描くのが苦手な人が 練習絵をうpしていくスレッドです ・雑、ラフ、カラーでなくてもOK、 ・髪が無くても、服が無くても、逆に書き込みまくってもOK。 体のラインしっかりとれるように頑張って描いて下さい。  ...

【Study techniques of people's drawing style】 The person who is not good at drawing a human body uploads a practice picture