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Melkor Was Here : Photo

Melkor Was Here : Photo

melkorwashere: “ yay for sketches one of favorite moments, Huan and Luthien defeating Sauron on Tol-in-Gaurhoth I thought Sauron is suppose to be bigger than Luthien (or any other elf or man),but not.

Morgoth and Sauron

The Silmarillion - Melkor x Sauron - Angbang

Gothmog and Sauron during Dagor Bragollach

mindy sketch >_< bad guys during Dagor Bragollach



Gloomy dinners Sauron and Melkor\by Phobs

so i checked my folder with sketches and found some saurons -Second Age Sauron (Battle of the Gwathlo is soon,heh) -First age Sauron, this pic was a part of a strip about Gorlim’s treachery (another.

Haciendo juego con mis alas, elijo un vestido negro del armario

I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) - ~Chapter 12-Dragged away~

"She's a demon." someone whispered. I turned slowly." He gulped, eyes wide. I want to hear your thoughts." My wings folded down.

Sauron this is sad because Sauron used to be a good guy!

Sauron this is sad because Sauron used to be a good guy! <---He wasn't good persay, he just wasn't always bad.

Letters from Yavin 4


request for I hope you like it : D I have this headcanon that when Mairon tries to reform his body [to make it look like what it did before, Annatar sty.

Melkor Sauron I DO by Elveo on DeviantArt

husbands Melkor Sauron I DO

melkorwashere: “”Then hate overcame Fëanor’s fear, and he cursed Melkor and bade…


Then hate overcame Fëanor’s fear, and he cursed Melkor and bade him be gone, saying: ‘Get thee gone from my gate, thou jail-crow of Mandos!’ And he shut the doors of his house in the face of the mightiest of all the dwellers in Eä.” sorry not sorry

the silmarillion fan art by Phobs - Google Search

the silmarillion fan art by Phobs - Melkor and Sauron

Melkor (and Grond!) by Phobs

Melkor (Morgoth), the Dark Lord


Maedhros by Eärrámë


Sauron will gladly kick your filthy ass in the battle ground (he’s cutely bitting his lip

Sauron(Mairon) and Melkor cameo in Major Thunder By Phobs

Sauron(Mairon) and Melkor By Phobs. Ahahahaha I love this Also don't forget major thunder!