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Birch branches and Ranunculus. Midcentury ceramic bowl by Carl-Harry Stålhane for Rörstrand Atelje, Sweden.

Ziji - Earthen Pedestal Vase, $82.50 (

Earthen Pedestal Vase

The earthen tones of this traditional Japanese pedestal vase provide a warm backdrop for your floral creations.

간단한 아이디어인데... 자못 끌리는 꽃병~

Crown Vase by Lambert Rainville It arranges flowers in a free-standing and decorative structure. - Crown Vase by Lambert Rainville It arranges.

Ikebana, Flower Arrangements

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Ikebana - Yellow sphere shaped tipped bare stems anchored with green bush within a wooden box.

Tulips & pine, from winter to spring

The shin line is the tallest pine branch, the soe line would be the bent pine branch with the pine cone and the tai line would be the low tulips