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Brendon going through his transformations to become a beautiful bread butterfly

Brendon going through his transformations to become a beautiful bread butterfly>>> tag urself im lion tamer?

Brendon is one of my favorite human beings

Brendon Urie<<it's his eternal sunshine reflecting off the window

Proving that guys are beautiful  Because of the drunk history of fall out boy

"Makeup is fuckin' great for a guy. Because it makes a guy beautiful. In which, a lotta times a guy is not beautiful.

and tbh same

First, there's Super awesome hardcore man, and then there's the little ADHD 13 yr old and I love them both.

Does nobody realize his glittery pants for concerts are basically the same thing? The sports bra is funny, though.

Brendon Urie in leggings >> I have seen of Tyler like this. They're all connected

patd, panicatthedisco, beebo

I mean, the sad truth is that Dallon would have still been in the band if Brendon didn't wanna go solo. it would have been a duo then. twenty one panics

Yass saxy

Friend: who is ur celebrity crush? Me: Brendon Urie. Friend: *shows this picture* Me: uh never mind. Friend walks away Me: he’s still cute tho

Panic! From Girls to Em. New Clothes

I'm starting as a freshman, maybe I'll be this attractive when I'm a senior. Even as a girl, Brendon is the most attractive human to ever exist.

( Things have changed) they should've used that reference instead of a Fall Out Boy reference

I think you meant to say, Things have changed for me, and thats ok, because thats a panic lyric and not a fob lyric