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Whimsical Pimsical

I'm an awwwwesomeeee nooget.
Whimsical Pimsical
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armor bow_(weapon) braid brown_hair character_request closed_eyes daniel_macgregor dress glowing glowing_eyes height_difference jewelry pointy_ears princess_zelda revision shield solo_focus spirit_tracks the_legend_of_zelda tiara twilight_princess weapon


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Naruto Uzumaki

Me: Pose sexy for me, Naruto~. Naruto: Wait, what? Me: C'mon, I'll give you ramen~! Naruto: Okay *smiles, run a hand through his hair and pose* Me: *fangirl scream* F*uck yeah! *faint* Naruto: *catchs me smiling* Hey! My ramen!

| Watamote |

Anime girl long black hair, beanie, blue eyes peace out LunaRip~Almost me if she had hazel eyes Green/brown. And my hair might be just a little longer than her's.