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World's Finest Superhusbands

to celebrate my return from hiatus and having a brand new ship to boost, have a Scorbus~ my fav is Scorpius!

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater!) ... draco malfidus, harry potter, teddy lupin, draco, malfidus, teddy, lupin

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater! and his mug says princess! Notice the more time Teddy spends with Draco the more his hair changes from blue to blond.

Scorpius Malfoy with his parents, Draco and Astoria, by monkeyelbow.

monkeyelbow: “Few days ago I saw a picture of Draco Malfoy from the movie Epilogue, I always thought that all the characters looked as a old people not as a parents, Draco in particular looks really awfull compared to How Lucius looks at similar age.