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by Maureen Hyde #Autumn #Witch

The autumn equinox honours the crone aspect of the goddess. The wise woman. Let's shift our perception of the word crone to this Divine Life Experienced Woman. Image by Maureen Hyde

Colour chart of emotions and feelings. while each person may have their own individual meanings, this is a general universal chart.

The Frontal Lobe controls emotions like the ones shown here in "Emotions of Color" - Feng Shui. Amazingly depressing range of color thoughts, fuck that, every color rocks!

color :)

An Infographic On The Psychology of Color. Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

A white candle can be substituted for any color if your intentions good and true.

White Witch : Photo A white candle can be substituted for any color, if your intentions are good and true.

Personality Types of Successful People #Infographic #SuccessStories

Personality Types of Successful People enfp


My suggested title: She said "YES!

5.1_May_Desktop_iphone_background_1.jpg 1.242×2.208 pixel

5.1_May_Desktop_iphone_background_1.jpg 1.242×2.208 pixel

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Imagen relacionada

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