Łukasz Piaskowski

Łukasz Piaskowski

Łukasz Piaskowski
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ArtStation - EIN- Tower 'Phlegyas', Choong Yeol Lee

Worldbuilding inspiration for RPG ArtStation - EIN- Tower 'Phlegyas', Choong Yeol Lee

fantasyartwatch: “ Horizon by Michael Forrett ”

inspiration for the surrounding landscape of the capitol city / Mickaël Forrett’s matte painting for Horizon. Combining fantasy, waterfalls, cool tall towers, more waterfalls, and realistic looking land.

Julien Chazal Flemish Cursive Majusculec

Batarde Flamande de Julien Chazal Sensual Calligraphy Scripts ✍ initials, typography styles and calligraphic art - batarde calligraphy alphabet

FLIP AND STYLE ♥ Sydney Fashion and Beauty Blog: 14 Free Fonts For Creatives

5 Ways to Style Your Denim For a Perfect Weekend: Whether your weekend plans involve meeting friends for coffee* running errands* or heading out for a late night (or doing all three)* jeans are one of those items that work for all those activities.

One more question ... . . #focusonskillsnottools

This is my journey to becoming better at hand drawn typography. I will be posting a mixture of my own work and work I find inspiring.