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a black faucet on a pink and blue background with the handle pointing up
Fima Carlo Frattini
Bathroom jewelry washbasin mixer spillo tech collection gunmetal color palette rainbow background simple design
a bed sitting under a metal staircase next to a wooden floor in a room with hard wood floors
Fondovalle Res Art
Slabs ceramic tiles big format heavy duty Italian design resin look tiles inspiration
a table with a lamp, camera and other items on it in front of a blue tiled wall
Tonalite tiles
Hand made original Italian glazed tiles
a bike parked next to a stone wall with steps leading up to the front door
Flaviker: porcelain stoneware collections for architects and designers
HANGAR: cement-effect porcelain stoneware collection kafle gresy beton flaviker
a group of different colored tiles on the wall next to a white table and chair
NUANCE – Tonalite
NUANCE – Tonalite kafle płytki szkliwione handmade
an orange and white life preserver sitting on top of a cement floor next to a rope
piacere fondovalle reframe tiles moodboard orange grey concrete
an overhead view of a table with two chairs and a potted plant on it
Rebel by Flaviker. The appeal of rough metal
Rebel by Flaviker. The appeal of rough metal
five different types of decorative objects on a pink and blue background with one gold, the other silver
Customize your bathroom with FIMA Carlo Frattini products. You can chose between multiple colours textures and materials. You will find #concrete #wood #matt colours #gold #copper #gunmetal and many more! Be #creative self made home by self made people
a black and silver faucet sitting on top of a counter next to a marble wall
FIMA Carlo Frattini SO by Davide Vercelli Matt black, black chrome & gun metal finishing bathroom, sink faucette, washbasin mixer Feature: flaviker onyx tile 📸: Piacere
a bathroom faucet that is sitting on a marble counter
Fima Carlo Frattini SpilloTECH
Fima Carlo Frattini SpilloTECH gunmetal G-finishing finishing. Industrial design Many different galvanic colors.