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That's so sad that her brother was driven to the point where he wanted the pain to go away so much that he decided to take his life. That is so sad

Oh my God, please take care of their precious souls and that of their sisters and loved ones.

I would still love anybody that has these things. It's actually stupid when people think these other people are messed up when really they are just going through hard times. They are at the bump in road, and soon one day you are will have a bump in this road wether its a mountain or just a tiny ant hill. And I just wanted to say treat everybody with respect wether they're struggling with problems right now. By the way, @Kim I'm still here for you. I will always be there for u.

Unfriend me if you'd like but this is beautiful! Love is Love! Its all beautiful to me.

"Can't believe this is even an issue."--- We are such a petty race.

Sailor and soldier dancing, 1940s

I just donated 20 dollars to the hospitals for people fighting cancer

Never hit repin so fast << All of them. I can't think of one that isn't gay. Shit. I need to get a hetero life.

do not cheat. it is really hard. my jaw hurts,