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From NY Times:  A hybrid bike called the Fremont. Conceived by the design firm Ziba and Signal Cycles, this cargo bike features a small side trailer that holds an expandable, Filson-like canvas satchel. Go to

The Fremont Bike by Ziba - I’m just charmed by its looks. The collapsible “sidecar” and canvas bag? It’s fun just imagining what I might tote around in a bag like that.

Sea monsters, illuminated Persian manuscript, 13th century

Folio From The Khawass Al-Ashjar (de Materia Medica): Rasiyun Plant Geography Iran Period century CE Materials and technique Ink and opaque watercolour on paper Dimensions 24 x cm

Hunting Giant Octopuses, Flying Turtles, and Other Ancient Sea Monsters - Wired Science [ARTICLE]

Abraham Ortelius’s 1598 map of Iceland boasts a menagerie of odd creatures.

Medieval Bestiary : Lion Gallery

Ashmole Folio Three attributes of the lion: the lion likes to be on high hills; the lion has one less cub each year; the lion licks (or breathes) life into his cubs.

Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Illustration, Snakes

Snake tattoo on the right wrist.

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