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TSU Tips

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Tips For Being Effective And Make Money At TSU.CO Join my team today & Be guided:

Image Dimension Matters In Social Media! Using images in content marketing (including Social Media) is very important. Follow these tips to make it effectively: #contentmarketing #contentcreation #socialmedia


Invite new people to TSU. Flow of new guys will make your engagement grow. Remember also to choose those that seem to provide value and are the ones you would like to meet in person. This is social media so make it social and entertaining. #tsu #tsutips #networking

Follow only those users that have uploaded their own personal photo. You want to follow people. Not cats, dogs, birds, grey faces or company names. Only those that share their faces are serious and look for social connections. TSU is a social media. Remember about it!


Provide Value To The Market! This is the rule that always applies and TSU is no exception. If you want to have stable following and expand with your network always post things that stand out in a positive - value providing - way. Do not post all the time about making money! #tsu #value #marketing